Erudio manages six capability practice areas and three specialties that can support clients from a wide variety of industries.  Everything we do is focused on maximizing our functional competencies in these core practice areas to provide the best products to our clients.

Erudio Products

Consulting: Erudio consulting works with its clients to tackle tough issues that fall inside the four stepStrategy Management Model during their international expansion endeavors.  Our consulting team will support you to develop a strong plan of attack that will meet your requirements and offer intelligent solutions for sustaining successful growth.  Our experience is rooted in our functional and industry specialties, which we will typically leverage as a foundation for our advisory services.  We do also welcome discussions and engagements from other industries if they align with our capabilities and we will always embrace an opportunity to help a respected partner drive through complex challenges.  Before starting an engagement, we will sit down and work with you initially to discuss your objective and develop a sound scope that falls within our capabilities to help you get there.  We don’t worry about the clock and hourly billing like a traditional service provider.  We will spend as much time as needed to make sure you have a clear vision as to what you want and are comfortable with the scope of a project before we officially begin the engagement.  Our goal is to make sure that we take the heavy lifting off of you as we help you get where you want to go.

Project Management: Erudio project managers are PMP certified and come with deep experience in cross-border project management.  If a client is understaffed and needs support in leading the implementation of a transnational project, Erudio can help.  Depending on your requirements we can offer the right project management services, from advice on how to most effectively implement your upcoming project to hands-on, full-time end-to-end project management with the capability and expertise to successfully complete your project.

Innovation: Often a primary challenge for a business entering a new market is aligning the right technology and resources with the environment’s requirements.  We spend most of our time studying market dynamics and developing an understanding of what might just be the right formula to be successful.  We will work with you to organize your requirements, understand market challenges and come up with a prototype of potential solutions that could effectively drive your business growth.  We heartedly subscribe to the notion “Innovate or Die” as a truth to stay competitive.  Our innovation support does not stop at market entry.  We look forward to maintaining existing relationships with our partners and regularly assess opportunities to stay on top of the competition. 

Roundtable Partner Forum: Leaders tend to face similar challenges but exhibit varying strategies to overcome them. We believe that open forums like a roundtable discussion will initiate thought provoking discussion that will lead to effective problem solving driven from those that came before you.  Through our Roundtable seminars, we bring our partners together as we moderate a collection of typical challenging business topics, get you thinking about how to overcome certain obstacles, and allow for you to connect with likeminded counterparts.  We conduct quarterly forums that will be free of charge and if there seems to be similar challenges that multiple organizations are facing, we can schedule additional forums on an ad hoc basis to mine into a particular topic. 

Research: Our research team continuously studies trends and common challenges occurring in the marketplace.  We focus on our core industries and functional practice areas, regularly summarizing findings and solutions in the form of case studies and articles that can be found on our website.  Erudio also can offer deeper insight into specific markets, trends or industries upon request.