Erudio has six core areas of emphasis that cumulatively provide deep, transferrable expertise in supporting international market expansion while serving as the foundation for our products.  Every member of our staff and global expert network can be considered a subject matter expert in at least one of these areas and has focused their career on related disciplines.  Additionally, Erudio staff have significant experience in energy management, global financial products, and international development, leading to our suite of industry concept practice areas.

Industry Concept Practice Areas

While Erudio supports clients of all sizes from several industries through its strategy management model capabilities, the firm has also developed three concept practice areas for its clients to leverage.  Inside these practices, Erudio studies emerging trends and growth opportunities of disruptive products, high-potential markets, and competitive movement in industries and geographies that can change how the world does business.  Erudio views energy management, financial mobility, and international development as three of the most important priorities in today's policy and business strategy, intersecting nearly every industry and expected to share the spotlight in global commerce through the remainder of the 21st century and beyond.     


Energy Efficiency and Energy Management

Erudio Strategies partners with small to medium energy technology and service providers that want to make a difference in reducing global consumption.  Our Strategy Management Methodology enables our partners to better position their solutions into the complex energy ecosystem.  We apply our market entry expertise and updated knowledge of the global energy landscape to locate where specific needs exist and how our clients will best address those needs.  We can deliver accurate market positioning insights that increase our client partners’ value.  We work to help you understand the complexities of the electricity energy market landscape before developing a plan to introduce forward-thinking solutions in the right geographies and through the most effective channels.

Emerging Market Finance and Payment Product Optimization

Erudio conducts cutting edge research into electronic payment and financial trends in global markets. We understand regulations and incentives that exist in different countries, and offer a perspective on effectiveness of particular solutions and estimated take rates per market.  We will work to develop channels with regulatory bodies and commercial entities that can streamline your market entry while providing clear risks and opportunities to help you decide how best to approach each market.  We also have an understanding of the penetration and objectives of local and international banks to help you partner with the right ones.

Sustainable Growth in the Developing World

Erudio spends considerable time studying the market risks and white spaces in both emerging markets and developing countries.  Consistent with the firm’s mission of propelling organizations with the capability of positively impacting society, Erudio works with both for and non-profit organizations that uphold a mission to increase prosperity and economic growth in developing countries.  Through our international development practice, we continue to refine our understanding of country risks and trends and it is our intent to offer tangible solutions to our clients through our research and strategy capabilities.  

Our key service offerings like cross-border market strategy and project management are available to non-profit development organizations in the same method that we employ with our commercial clients and our full suite of products are offered to non-profits at a substantially reduced billing rate.  We understand the importance non-profit development organizations place on program and geographic assessments, implementing operations, KPI development, meeting grant objectives, and other aspects related to sustaining impactful operations in developing countries and we can help along the way.      


Capability Practice Areas

Assessment:Erudio’s Assessment practice area provides a suite of methodologies to support effective assessments, ranging from project and engagement review to market entry risk analysis.  

Market Intelligence:Erudio’s Market Intelligence practice provides deep insights into the latest trends in international markets on all levels, from macro and micro political, economic and social trends, to competitive intelligence and identifying white spaces for leveraging new technologies.  

Operational Enhancement: Erudio’s Operations specialty offers expertise in undergoing organizational development when expanding into new markets to effectively address necessary staffing and process enhancement to help you succeed in your growth aspirations. Our staff can work with you one on one to analyze your processes and organization and craft recommendations for role maturation and process efficiency before working alongside you to help implement the approach.

Project Management: Our project management team brings the capabilities to manage projects and implement programs of various durations and sizes inside our industry specialties.  We have substantial experience in cross-border, cross-cultural project management and offer both advisory services in addition to full-time project managers.

Research: Erudio Strategies was developed out of a passion for uncovering innovative ways of doing business better at an international level. True to our name, we look forward to sharing our findings with others.  Our research practice’s number one objective is to bring interesting and valuable strategies to life through publicly available articles, case studies and partner forums.   

Technology Strategy: In today’s information age, go-to-market strategies would be incomplete without understanding the technological tools necessary to optimally take advantage of new market opportunities.  Erudio’s Technology Strategy practice stays up to speed with the latest technology trends and product offerings, and works with clients to help them understand the technology strategy and tools most beneficial to their growth plans.