Our Mission

We propel organizations that have the capability to positively impact society in reaching their international growth objectives through tailored strategy management. 

Our Value

Erudio was started with one goal in mind: to use our skills and acumen to help the international expansion of organizations committed to making a positive impact on our society.  The foundation of our capabilities is cross-border strategy implementation, deriving from our roots in bringing high-potential products and services to new markets across the globe.  Collectively, our team brings experience from several industries and every region of the world.  We have worked in global strategy, marketing and operations departments at major multi-national corporations, driven multi-market engagements at top consulting firms, and have been in leadership in some of the world’s most notable international development organizations.

Our differentiator is what we call our Reach Back Model.  Through a sophisticated network of subject matter experts, we are able to augment our existing capabilities by leveraging specific expertise in areas that will help drive our clients to develop and hit their strategic objectives. 

At Erudio, we seek to offer a higher standard of advisory services; one that commits us to full transparency with our clients and a focused effort to provide trust, loyalty, and our best product. We will not keep information from clients even if it means a difficult conversation or an increased workload.  We will ensure sustainable success of our clients as not short term service providers, but trusted partners on the same team into the long term. We offer a premium client experience through transparency, high-quality work, highly engaged mindsets, and vested interests in seeing that our partners end up with a product, solution or recommendation that is best for their business.  Our model allows us to partner with our clients from concept validation through program implementation and lastly, assessment, depending on our partners’ requests, for we see great benefit in helping implement and assess our own recommendations.  We look forward to working with our client partners in solving their toughest problems and standing side by side with them in accomplishing their objectives.

Our Network

Erudio has professional relationships with thought leaders and global associates at cutting edge consulting firms, universities and multinational companies.  Through our global network, we have the ability to leverage these entities to augment our expertise during our engagements as necessary.  We have organized a substantial group of experts through both our Global Partners Coalition and Reach Back Model, all of whom specialize in areas that complement our own capabilities, presenting a highly effective advisory team for specific client requirements. The Erudio team can leverage the insights of our network on its way to providing a unique, organic and tailored approach for each of our clients.